Post-Doctoral Seismology research positions available starting Fall 2017

Research Focus:

The Earth’s subsurface is continuously changing, due to temporal variations in fluid flow, stress, temperature, geomechanics and geochemistry, for example. These physical changes occur at broad tectonic and earthquake scales, and also at very detailed near-surface and reservoir scales. Changes in the physical states of the earth cause time-varying changes in the physical properties of rocks and fluids, which can be monitored with natural or manmade seismic waves. Time-lapse (4D) seismic monitoring is important for applications related to natural and induced seismicity, hydrocarbon and groundwater reservoir depletion and storage, CO2 sequestration etc. An exciting new research area involves moving beyond traditional methods in order to use the full complex time-lapse scattered wavefield (4D coda) for both manmade active-source 3D/4D seismic data, and also to use continuous recordings of natural-source passive seismic data, especially micro-seismicity and ambient noise. This research involves full wave-theoretic approaches, Large N sensor arrays, “big data” information theory, and high performance supercomputing (HPC).

Two (2) Postdoctoral Research Positions Available (UTD posting #S00967P and #S00968P):

  1. Active-source time-lapse 4D Seismic monitoring research using Full Waveform Inversion (FWI), Reverse Time Migration (RTM) and other fully wave-theoretic methods;
  2. Passive Seismic monitoring research using Large N continuous recordings of earthquake, micro-seismic and ambient noise using Interferometry, FWI and wave-equation methods.


Applicants must have a strong background in seismology, (geo)physics, applied mathematics and computer science. All applicants should supply pdfs of: current CV, 3 References, GRE (+TOEFL) scores, Transcripts showing all courses taken and grades obtained, a 1-2 page statement of research interests, samples of your parallel code (C, F90, MPI etc), and 3 examples of published papers.

Research Group:

Successful applicants will be part of a world-class research group with expertise in wave-theoretic seismic modeling, imaging, inversion and monitoring, Top10 worldwide HPC computational resources, with funding and data from both industry and government sources. The leadership team includes: Prof David Lumley, Prof George McMechan, Prof Sue Minkoff, A/Prof Hejun Zhu, et al.

Dallas, Texas:

UT Dallas is rapidly advancing to become a top science and engineering university, currently ranked as #1 in the US, and #21 in the world for universities less than 50 years old. The City of Dallas combines a mix of the old southwest and the new cosmopolitan, with an affordable cost of living, and is centrally located for easy travel to US, Canada and International destinations.

Online Application process:

Information and online application requirements can be found at

The deadline to receive completed Applications is May 31, 2017, or until the positions are filled.

For further info contact Prof David Lumley, Green Chair in Geophysics:


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