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Research engineer position in hydro-biogeochemistry modelling: study case of the Amazon watershed, coupling remote sensing and in situ measurements for resource management.

Location: Toulouse (France)
Term of the contract: 12 months (between May and June) with possibility for one year more.
Level: PhD with 1-4 years of experience

Mission: Make consistent remote sensing, in situ and modelling data to simulate hydrological resources over large scale watershed: study case of the Amazon watershed.


  • Designing and organizing remote sensing and in situ observation for hydrological modelling of the Amazon watershed with the project's stakeholders.
  • Developing and design a protocol to couple satellite, in situ and modelling data: rationalization and regionalization of the model's parameters
  • Creating hydrological models for two test watersheds: Tapajos and Madeira
  • Modelling suspended sediment by coupling modelling and remote sensing observations
  • Writing of a specification describing the cross-uses between remote sensing/modelling data and in situ measurements.
  • Communicating and promoting results in the form of reports, oral presentations at project meetings and scientific papers.
  • Organizing collaborations at project partner level.
  • Ensuring scientific and technological surveillance in the field of activity.


Knowledge of hydro climatological databases and hydrological modelling - knowledge and uses of the SWAT and ArcGIS modeling tool - knowledge in the processing of spatial hydrological information.

Programming languages: Fortran, Python, R software.


The person will be located within the BIZ team of the ECOLAB laboratory and will interact within the project with partners as well as within the BIZ modeling group, which currently has about 10 people (PhD students, post-doctoral students, engineers and researchers). The project in which the mission fits is the HYDROSIM project funded by the FUI (French Interministery Unitary Fund): the lead is CLS (Collection Localisation Satellite), the private partners are BRLi and CENEAU, the institutional partners are CNRS (ECOLAB) and IRD (GET, LEGOS, EspaceDEV).

The HydroSIM project is organized around four points:

  • Industrial development of a hydrological monitoring and forecasting system on a watershed that provides a set of daily, monthly and annual data on water flows, water storage (green water and blue water): surface runoff, soil and groundwater storage, snow storage, evapotranspiration, percolation, drainage, retention, etc...) and suspended sediments.
  • The industrial development of a platform for the diffusion of hydrological products (quantity of water in different compartments, water quality, agricultural management, water transfers, sedimentation, nutrients, etc) configurable by watershed.
  • Scientific, technical and operational validation of the system + platform of integrated services in partnership with end users (national and regional basin agencies, hydro-weather services, hydroelectricians, navigation services, etc.)
  • Implementation of operational services that will meet societal expectations.

The position is for one year with a possibility for one year more. We offer salary and social benefits according to French public sector regulations. Please submit your application, including letter of motivation, CV, list of publications, copies of certificates, and the names and contact information of potential referees, and all other requested information to (Portail Emploi CNRS). Scientific contacts: Sabine Sauvage and José-Miguel Sánchez-Pérez

Closing date for applications is March 31, 2019. Preferred starting period will be between May and June, 2019.


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