Full Professor of Quantitative Hydrogeology

Prospective position opening at Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), Paris : Professor of Quantitative Hydrogeology

UPMC is considering opening a position of full professor in quantitative hydrogeology in early 2018. Expression of interest is opened until October 15, 2017


The UPMC dispenses courses in hydrogeology (and hydrology) within several curricula: an academic program "Earth sciences" and a professional program "Water Resources and Water Quality" at the bachelor level; an academic program "Water sciences and terrestrial environment"; and a professional program "Water, soil and Environment" at the master level.

The hired candidate will teach courses regarding water sciences, Earth sciences and environmental sciences. These topics are taught at UPMC through lectures, tutorial classes and field training. The candidate should have experience in teaching modelling and numerical methods for hydrogeology.

The hired candidate will also take responsibilities within the Department TEB ("Earth Environment Biosphere") to contribute to the design and organization of courses and bachelor and master programs. He (she) will pay particular attention to the ability of academic curricula to meet professional requirements.


The hired candidate will join the Department of Physical Hydro(geo)logy of UMR (Unité Mixte de Recherche) METIS (Terrestrial environments, transfers and interactions in watersheds and soils) and will strengthen the hydrogeology team.

UMR METIS develops numerous research projects in hydrogeology, in France and abroad, with academic and/or with different partners (industry, NGOs, water agencies, local authorities, etc.). In this framework, UMR METIS contributes to the development of models at various scales, including the regional scale. The quantitative models of the water circulation developed at UMR METIS concern porous media, fractured or non fractured media, karstified or non karstified areas, saturated and unsaturated systems. Current research addresses the understanding of local processes and their modelling at appropriate scales, and the study of anthropogenic environmental issues (climate change, aquifer protection, etc.) inside the framework offered by the Institute Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL).

The hired candidate will work on developing new projects at national and international levels. He (she) will contribute to the definition of the scientific and strategic objectives of the UMR METIS in the field of water sciences. In the medium term, he (she) is expected to take responsibility within the unit.

Position opened in UMR 7619 METIS (http://www.metis.upmc.fr)

For further information and expression of interest, please contact the following three persons:

M.Jean-Marie Mouchel, Professor, Head of UMR 7619 Metis (jean-marie.mouchel@upmc.fr)
M.Pierre Ribstein, Professor, UMR 7619 Metis (pierre.ribstein@upmc.fr)
Mrs. Agnès Ducharne, Senior Researcher, UMR7619 METIS (agnes.ducharne@upmc.fr)

published: 10 August 2017     Please mention EARTHWORKS when responding to this advertisement.