Five PhD Positions at ETH Zurich and the University of Geneva in coupled long-term Earth interior - climate evolution

Categories: Geodynamics, Climate/Paleoclimate

Five PhD positions (3 at ETH Zurich, 2 at the University of Geneva) are offered under a new project

Long-term evolution of the Earth from the base of the mantle to the top of the atmosphere: Understanding the mechanisms leading to 'greenhouse' and 'icehouse' regimes

funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. The positions start 1st October 2023 and last for a maximum of 4 years.

This new project is a collaboration between scientists working on all "spheres" of the Earth: climate (atmosphere and ocean), surface processes, plate tectonic reconstructions, and mantle dynamics - to develop coupled models of Earth's climate and interior evolution and long-term carbon cycle for the last 888 million years. The interface between interior and exterior is provided by the long-term plate reconstruction model PANALESIS, which is under continuous development at the University of Geneva. The collaboration links three research groups in three different departments at the University of Geneva with scientists in the Department of Earth Sciences at ETH Zurich.

Details of the project are at
and detailed descriptions of the PhD positions, including how to apply, are at

The PhD project titles are:

  1. (ETHZ): Long-term mantle dynamics - PANALESIS plate reconstruction coupling
  2. (ETHZ): CO2 ingassing/outgassing/cycling through the mantle
  3. (ETHZ): Long-term climate - PANALESIS plate reconstruction coupling
  4. (UniGe): Key-time slices MITGCM climate - PANALESIS coupling
  5. (UniGe): PANALESIS model management and conversion into paleogeography

For further information about any project contact the scientist listed in the detailed information; for general information contact Professor Paul Tackley at

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