PhD position - Experimental Mineral Physics

We seek a highly motivated PhD candidate for a fully funded, 4-year position at ETH Zürich (Experimental Mineral Physics, ERDW). The successful candidate will explore the physical properties of silicate melts and how their oxidation state changes with pressure. The experimental results will have implications for the formation of magma oceans, and how they interact with primordial atmospheres. To achieve these scientific goals, the candidate will employ state-of-the-art diamond anvil cell and laser levitation experiments combined with laboratory- and synchrotron-based analytical techniques (e.g. Mössbauer, X-ray absorption and X-ray diffraction)

Candidates should have a Master's degree in either experimental geoscience, physics, materials science, or related fields. Conceptual knowledge and/or experience with X-ray based methods and analysis such as diffraction and/or spectroscopy techniques is desirable. Prior experience with extreme conditions (high pressure-high temperature) science, especially in performing diamond anvil cell experiments is preferable but not required. Experience with or a willingness to learn common coding languages (Matlab, Python) is an additional asset for the position.

The position offers great opportunities for collaboration within Switzerland, and to familiarise oneself with large scale facilities and a diversity of techniques. The successful candidate will be expected to fulfil some laboratory and/or teaching duties, and be encouraged to travel yearly to international meetings, with the aim of expanding his/her professional network and to promote his/her scientific achievements.

The position is available from early 2021. Applications should comprise a cover letter, complete CV, names and contact details of two references, and other relevant credentials if any (e.g., recommendation letters, publications, etc.) and addressed to before the 22nd of January.

posted: 10 December 2020     Please mention EARTHWORKS when responding to this advertisement.