Post-doctoral researcher in Planetary and Exoplanetary Experimentation

The Experimental Planetology Group at ETH Zürich invites applications for a post-doctoral researcher to examine the compositional variability of rocky (exo)planets from an experimental perspective. The position is available for a duration of 2 years (a 1 year extension is possible) in the context of the SERI-funded ERC Grant, 2ATMO.

The discoveries of exoplanetary bodies are changing our understanding of how planets form. However, new observations of both the masses and radii of these planets, as well as the detailed spectral measurements of their atmospheres, require ground-truthing to better constrain the structure, composition and evolution of rocky planets.

To this end, the successful candidate would be engaged in studying analogues of interior-atmosphere systems in the laboratory via a variety of methods (e.g., 1-atm furnace, Fourier-Transform InfraRed spectroscopy, Knudsen Effusion Mass Spectrometry) to derive thermochemical quantities relevant to the formation of planetary bodies. The data produced in the laboratory will be integrated with numerical models to understand the chemical and physical evolution of rocky bodies.

Prospective applicants should hold a PhD in a relevant field, namely, experimental geochemistry, planetary science, astrophysics, and/or related disciplines. The successful candidate will also be expected to fulfil some laboratory and/or teaching duties. Remuneration will conform to the internal rate set by ETH Zürich for post-doctoral researchers, here.

ETH Zurich is ranked 1st in the world for Earth Sciences, a product of the cutting-edge research performed within the Department of Earth Sciences (D-ERDW).

We look forward to receiving your application here in the form of a CV and a 1-page statement of motivation here. The deadline for applications is the 31st of August, 2022, with an eventual start from Q4, 2022. For any queries, please contact Prof. Paolo Sossi (paolo.sossi [at]

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