Fully funded PhD project: Tracing the sources and processes leading to the formation of REE-enriched intrusive complexes in the central Grenville Province of Québec.

Location: Québec City - Canada
Starting date: between January 2023 and May 2023
Duration and grants: 3 Years - 25000$ CAD / year
Requirement: M.Sc. thesis in Earth Sciences/Geology or equivalent

The Grenville Province is a large Mesoproterozoic orogenic belt mainly exposed in Ontario and Québec. During the last 10 years, the Geological survey of Québec has documented numerous REE, Nb, and Ta mineralization occurrences in the central part of the Grenville Province (La Tuque and Lac Saint-Jean areas) associated with alkaline intrusions. The majority of the REE-enriched alkaline complexes, like the Kipawa deposit, are associated with high-K alkaline intrusions dated between 1070 and 1090 Ma and between 1000 and 1040 Ma in the west and central part of the Grenville, respectively.

This project focuses on the area of Wemotaci, La Tuque and of the Nord-East of Lac Saint-Jean (Grenville Central). Recently, the Geological survey of Québec has identified several REE-enriched alkaline complexes ranging in compositions from alkaline orthopyroxenite to quartz-bearing syenite. The magmatic sources, their crystallization ages, and the magmatic and hydrothermal processes important in the formation of these mineralized alkaline intrusions are not defined. Such data are necessary to establish robust exploration models for these REE and other critical metal resources.

This project will study three representative REE enriched alkaline intrusive complexes. In addition to detailed mapping of the different intrusive phases of these complexes, the crystallization age, the source, and the transcrustal evolution of these magmatic systems will be reconstructed using mineral and silicate melt inclusion chemistry (EPMA, LA-ICP-MS), whole-rock geochemistry, and U-Pb geochronology and Hf isotopes on zircon. Objectives of this project are (1) to date and to define the source(s) of these intrusive complexes that show contrasting compositions, (2) to reconstruct the transcrustal evolution of these systems, and (3) to define the magmatic processes at the origin of REE-enrichment of these intrusive complexes.

The PhD project will be supervised by Profs. Rottier and Constantin with the close collaboration with the Geological survey of Québec. Previous experience in mapping of deformed terrains, U-Pb zircon geochronology (LA-ICP-MS and/or TIMS), Hf isotopes, and magmatic petrology will be an asset. The candidate will be encouraged to conduct original research and to present it at national and international conferences. Further, the PhD candidate will integrate in an active research group of ~ 30 graduate students working on economic geology and related subjects led by a team of researchers from Université Laval (Profs. C. LaFlamme, G. Beaudoin, C. Guilmette, B. Rottier, C. Dupuis, M. Constantin)

Fluency in spoken and written English is mandatory and proficiency in French is beneficial, but not required. The PhD project is supported with a research scholarship of 25 000$ per year for 3 years.

Please submit your CV, transcript (unofficial) and motivation letter, BEFORE November 5th, 2023, to: bertrand.rottier@ggl.ulaval.ca

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