Postdoctoral Research Associate in mantle convection modelling

Closing date 7 May 2024

The Department of Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences is seeking to recruit a highly motivated numerical modelling PDRA to create mantle convection models that incorporate mineral and consequent density changes and their feedbacks. You will liaise with modellers in Germany and Cardiff, with seismologists in Cambridge concerning model predictions, and constrain inputs to your models working with microstructural modellers in Liverpool and experimentalists in Manchester and University College London (UK). You will be part of a team studying mantle dynamics, details here.

Project leader Professor John Wheeler will work closely with you and guide the research; he and co-investigators have extensive experience of applying numerical models to Earth science problems on scale of grains to km. The Department of Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences supports a wide range of mathematical research including magnetic field evolution, magma movement in the crust and sedimentary sequence evolution. The University of Liverpool has centrally maintained super-computing facilities and time on the UK National Supercomputing Service (ARCHER 2) will be applied for as required.

You should have a PhD (awarded or imminent) with strong numerical component in Earth Science, Mathematics, or physical topic.

For details and application procedure see here:

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