Master's in Geology (MSc-GEOL)

The Master in Geology prepares students for exciting, well-paying, and rewarding careers in earth, energy and environmental sciences. We offer a flexible curriculum that can be tailored to each student's interest. Our course offering emphasizes the interpretation of geologic data, critical thinking, and problem solving, which makes our students overwhelmingly successful!

Our location in Lafayette, Louisiana, helps make the School of Geosciences one of the best places to earn your graduate degree in earth sciences. Louisiana provides a natural laboratory to study the effect of climate change, sea-level rise, subsidence and land loss, extreme events such as hurricanes and flooding. The School of Geosciences has close ties to a large number of industrial partners and government agencies with whom our students have had internships and gained well-compensated employment.

Our geology graduate program emphasizes scholarly research and how to apply that research in industry. Our research areas include:

  • Climate change, paleoclimate, and geobiology
  • Subsidence and land loss
  • Geological carbon storage
  • Tsunami and extreme waves sedimentology
  • Fluid-rock-deformation interactions
  • Mantle magnetism

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