Permanent position, researcher Quaternary geology

The Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) has a permanent position open in the Quaternary geology section. This section is responsible for the nation-wide terrestrial Quaternary geological mapping and for managing NGU’s database of surficial deposits.

We are looking for an independent and highly motivated geologist, who will participate in terrestrial Quaternary geology mapping and related research in Norway. The successful candidate will work on a range of projects, both independently and as part of a team, with NGU-colleagues. All employees are obliged to contribute actively to a pleasant working environment and necessary common tasks in the section. 

The work location for this position is at NGU´s premises at Lade in Trondheim, Norway.

Date for job start: May 1st, 2024 or by further agreement.

Diversity at NGU

NGU believes that inclusion and diversity is a strength. We want employees with different skills, subject combinations, life experience and perspectives to contribute to even better task solving. 

If there are qualified applicants with a disability, gaps in the CV or an immigrant background, we must call at least one applicant in each of these groups for an interview. In order to be assessed as an applicant from these groups, that is to say positively treated in this way, you must meet certain requirements, and tick it in the job applicant portal. This forms the basis for anonymized statistics that all state enterprises report on in their annual reports.

Other information

Anyone applying for the position must apply digitally through the job portal Webcruiter. You must upload your CV, relevant diplomas and certificates, and provide the names and email addresses of three reference persons. 

If you have education from abroad, you must attach approval from NOKUT. Please note that the application will only be assessed on the basis of the information available at the end of the application deadline. It is important that you show how your skills meet the criteria described in the advertisement.

A public applicant list with the applicants name, age, present position and municipality of residence will be available after the application deadline. If you would keep your application exempted, you need to apply for this.  You will be informed about the decision regarding your exemption application.

Want to know more?

For further information about the position, please contact the Head of the Quaternary geology section Dr. Lilja R. Bjarnadóttir, either by phone +47 94497728 or e-mail

Work assignments

As a geologist at NGU, you would be part of a highly-skilled academic community comprised of many engaging, productive geologists from around the world. NGU provides opportunities for professional development and improving geological skill sets – in the academic context and in the pursuit of societal needs. As you work along NGU’s entire scientific chain of production – ‘from the field to the people’ - you will be presented various exciting challenges. You will participate in projects that involve a wide range of activities,: collecting new geological observations and sampling; conducting follow-up analysis in-house and interpretation; and finally, the dissemination of information to the scientific community and society. You must be ready to participate in fieldwork for 4-6 weeks a year. A central part of the work at NGU is the contact with society, as well as the dissemination of geological knowledge in the form of maps, reports and scientific papers. 


Required qualifications:

  • Completed PhD or MSc in Quaternary geology or physical geography, with a focus on terrestrial Quaternary geology, or a related topic.
  • Knowledge on the regional geology and Quaternary geological history in different parts of Norway.
  • You must have the ability and interest to participate in diverse fieldwork activities across the country.
  • Good understanding of glacial geological environments, deglaciation history, relative sea level change and other central topics in Norwegian Quaternary geology.
  • Experience with using GIS and remote sensing data (e.g. LiDAR, aerial photographs) for mapping.
  • Valid driver´s license (class B).

Other qualifications that will be seen as an advantage:

  • Broad experience with relevant fieldwork and mapping.
  • Expertise in analytical methods used in the field and/or laboratory. This includes methods in sedimentology, geomorphology, chronology, GIS, and/or geomorphology.
  • Experience with the use of GIS for conducting analyses, modelling, working with databases or similar.
  • Other relevant skills and experience such as project leading, and/or work related to landslides and geotechnical issues.
  • Other relevant work experience.
  • Be fluent in a Scandinavian language, in addition to English (both spoken and written). For well-qualified candidates, Norwegian language training will be offered if necessary. Knowledge about the Norwegian society is also seen as an advantage. 

Personal qualities

As a researcher at NGU, you will work in various projects either as a co-worker or project leader. For this, you need good co-operation and oral communication skills, as a project member and when contacting various stakeholders. You must be ready to disseminate knowledge to the public and NGU’s users.

We offer

  • An exciting position with an important societal mission
  • A good and inclusive working environment
  • Belonging to a professional and inspiring geoscientific environment
  • Good opportunities for competence development
  • Norwegian language courses
  • Flexible working hours
  • Various sports activities and self training during working hours
  • Membership in the State Pension Fund

The position is paid as researcher code 1108, from NOK 530,600 to NOK 718,600 / researcher code 1109, from NOK 606,000 to NOK 826,500 per year, depending on competence and experience, in line with our salary policy and in accordance with the Government's main tariff agreements. 2% is deducted from the salary to the State Pension Fund. There is a 6 month trial period.

The working language at NGU is Norwegian. For those who have to learn the language, NGU will cover the costs of up to four Norwegian language courses and good communication skills in Norwegian, both written and spoken, are expected within 3 years.

posted: 22 February 2024     Please mention EARTHWORKS when responding to this advertisement.