Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in geology / geophysics / geochemistry / paleontology / physics - two positions

Two fellowships (each 2 years period) are available at the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED), a Centre of Excellence located at the University of Oslo and funded by the Research Council of Norway (2013 to 2023). CEED is dedicated to research of fundamental importance to the understanding of our planet, which embraces the dynamics of Earth's interior and tectonic plates, the origin of large-scale volcanism, the evolution of climates and the abrupt demise of life forms.

CEED activities are organized within six sections or scientific themes: (1) Dynamic Earth: Plate motions and Earth history, (2) Deep Earth: Materials, structure and dynamics, (3) Earth Crises: LIPs, mass extinctions and environmental changes, (4) Earth and Beyond: Comparative Planetology, (5) Earth modelling: Numerical models of Earth Dynamics and (6) Earth Laboratory: Paleomagnetism and Rock Magnetism. Experience within one or several of these themes are required and examples of prioritized projects to foster interaction between CEED themes include:

  1. Planetary recycling of volatile elements [e.g. (i) tectonic reconstructions and modeling approaches to make predictive maps of the wet and dry areas in the mantle, (ii) the importance of subduction for regulating planetary interior temperatures, atmospheric greenhouse concentrations and surface temperatures, and/or (iii) the chemical processes driving volatile recycling].
  2. Long-term climate trends and evolution of life [e.g. (i) identify the drivers for greenhouse versus icehouse conditions, (ii) unravel correlative versus causal relationships among biotic (diversity) and abiotic time-series, and/or (iii) understand life-threatening tipping points].

The two fellowships are broadly open for applications within all the six CEED themes, or even two within the same theme: https://www.mn.uio.no/ceed/english/research/

If the application does not directly address one of the two project examples listed above, the application must include a short research plan, and explain how the planned research fits with one or several CEED themes.

Applicants must hold a degree equivalent to a Norwegian doctoral degree in the fields of geology/geophysics/geochemistry/paleontology/physics. Doctoral dissertation must be submitted for evaluation by the closing date. Only applicants with an approved doctoral thesis and public defense are eligible for appointment.

Qualification requirements for project 1: a background in modelling approaches linked to plate reconstructions, mantle flow, subduction dynamics and/or geochemistry/mineral physics.

Qualification requirements for project 2: experience in general circulation models (GCMs) linked to plate reconstructions, long-term climate modelling (GEOCARBSULF, COPSE or GEOCLIM) and/or evolutionary biology (paleontology, paleobiology, time series analyses).

For more information and how to apply, see: https://www.jobbnorge.no/en/available-jobs/job/198498/postdoctoral-research-fellow-in-geology-geophysics-geochemistry-paleontology-physics-two-positions

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