Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment and Eco-Design of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems: PhD Position

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) invites applications for a PhD student to engage in research and development towards a doctoral degree in the area of the life cycle sustainability assessment of hybrid renewable energy systems for the transition of energy communities and industrial users towards net zero. The TCD School of Engineering are collaborating with a number of renewable energy technology developers, industrial energy users, energy communities, and academic experts in agriculture and renewable energy. We will be working on the development of solutions for the optimisation of the operation of the hybrid renewable energy plants, and on the design of its components. The objective is to increase the sustainability of major industrial energy users and energy communities in the Atlantic Area of Europe. Collectively the project compromises nine partners across Europe working towards these developments as part of a project entitled Hybrid solutions for Renewable Energy Systems: achieving net-zero Atlantic area energy consumers & communities (HY4RES). This PhD studentship will focus on conducting a life cycle and life cycle sustainability assessments of hybrid renewable energy plants across four different sectors. The research will also produce an eco-design tool to support the incorporation of life-cycle engineering within the design process of renewable energy plants.

Prospective PhD students are required to contribute to the following tasks:

  • Carrying out background research in the field of hybrid renewable energy technology, life cycle assessment, and life cycle sustainability assessment.
  • Carrying out life cycle assessment and life cycle sustainability assessment of four hybrid renewable energy pilot plants for the green transition of industrial energy users (agriculture, aquaculture & ports) and energy communities.
  • Developing an eco-design framework for the incorporation of life cycle engineering into the hybrid renewable energy plant design process to improve sustainability.
  • Contribute to project administration, pilot plant installation, stakeholder engagement and other tasks in support of the execution of the overall HY4RES project.
  • Communication and dissemination activities raising awareness on the life cycle impacts of hybrid renewable energy systems among stakeholders and the scientific community.

The successful candidates will join a multidisciplinary research group undertaking research on the topic. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme 2021-2027 as part of the HY4RES project.

Applicants are also expected to play a role in the delivery of project reports, deliverables and other administrative requirements of the funding programme. Applicants with a primary degree in engineering, environmental or energy science, or a related discipline will be considered.

Applicants are asked to send a: 1. cover letter, 2. CV, 3. academic transcripts, 4. details of final year projects, and 5. the names of two referees to the address below. Closing date September 30th 2023

Position commencing Sept 1st 2023 for 3-4 years. Salary €25,000 per annum PhD stipend plus international student fees.

Dr. John Gallagher
Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering
Trinity College
Dublin 2
Telephone +353-1-89631638

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