3-year PostDoc: "Coupled Geodynamic-Thermodynamic Modeling of Magma Ocean Crystallization"

We are looking for an enthusiastic postdoctoral researcher to join the Department of Earth Sciences at University College London to work on coupled geodynamic-thermodynamic modeling of magma-ocean crystallization.

The successful applicant will develop a coupled model to study the late-stage evolution of the magma ocean and constrain the composition of the primitive crust on Earth and terrestrial planets (see sketch). For Earth, this composition will be compared to the seismic signature of the lowermost mantle, where a reservoir of primitive crust may have survived through the present-day.

The project is fully funded by NERC for 3 years, and will be based in the vibrant research environment of UCL Earth Sciences with strong expertise in mantle seismology, mineral physics, geodynamics etc. The successful candidate will closely collaborate with myself, other researchers at UCL, and Oliver Shorttle at University of Cambridge, an expert in thermodynamics, geochemistry and Planetary Sciences. Moreover, Oliver Shorttle and myself have a wide network of collaborators worldwide.

We are looking for a candidate with a strong background in geodyamics and/or thermodynamics. They should have a demonstrable aptitude in computer programming and developing numerical codes, and knowledge of mantle structure and dynamics and/or petrology and thermodynamics is desirable. The successful candidate must either have, or be close to completing, a PhD in a relevant field (e.g., Earth Sciences, Physics).

The closing date for applications is 12th October 2022 at 23:59, but delayed submissions may be considered until the post is filled. The intended start-date is 1st January 2023.

To submit applications, use the UCL job portal (https://atsv7.wcn.co.uk/search_engine/jobs.cgi?SID=b3duZXI9NTA0MTE3OCZvd25lcnR5cGU9ZmFpciZwb3N0aW5nX2NvZGU9MjI0Jg%3D%3D) using reference number 1887399

For any questions or information, please feel free to contact me at m.ballmer@ucl.ac.uk

Best wishes,
Maxim Ballmer

Sketch of magma-ocean (MO) solidification over time

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