The Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) is a member of the Helmholtz Association (HGF) and funded by federal and state government. AWI focuses on polar and marine research in a variety of disciplines such as biology, oceanography, geology, geochemistry and geophysics, thus allowing multidisciplinary approaches to scientific goals.

Technician (m/f/d) in Marine Conservation


High human population densities on the world’s tropical shores and changing environmental conditions such as a warming global climate have had significant and detrimental impacts on coral reefs. It is critical to understand and protect these highly diverse ecosystems that provide important services to local and national economies. In fact, coral reefs are often considered the “medicine cabinet” of the 21st century and promising natural compounds with a range of medicinal properties have been discovered in reef invertebrates and microbes.

In our Lab we use molecular techniques to answer fundamental questions about marine evolution and ecology to guide coral reef conservation efforts.



  • Missions for sampling
    • Participation in sea voyages, sampling in the field, preparation and follow-up of expeditions
  • Sampling and processing in the field
    • Sampling of corals
    • Fixation of samples
    • Proper shipment of samples
  • Environmental measurements, e.g. light, temperature, depth
  • Experiments in the field
    • Aquarium assembly and disassembly

Molecular genetics laboratory work

  • Performing molecular genetic analyses
    • DNA- & RNA- extraction and purification, PCR, qPCR, DNA cloning, DNA sequencing (Sanger, illumina)
  • Organising and ensuring workflows
    • Ordering of material
    • Observing and ensuring safety regulations
    • Proper disposal of laboratory waste
  • Accompanying students in their laboratory work
  • Cataloguing samples in databases
  • Sending samples for external analysis

Processing of sequence data

  • Processing of raw data (e.g. raw sequences)


  • Training as technical assistant in biology, or biological lab assistant or equivalent in an appropriate field of technology or science such as Biological Sciences, Molecular Biology, or Genetics
  • One year of work-related experience
  • Demonstrated research experience with DNA extractions, PCR, and sequencing; familiarity with genetic analyses of sequence data, and standard computer software programs required
  • You must have experience with a variety of standard molecular techniques (DNA extraction, PCR, gel electrophoresis, DNA sequencing, microsatellites, etc.) so that they can work with minimal supervision
  • Solid written and oral communication skills in English and German

Desirable skills and knowledge

  • Training as a research diver

Further Information

Please contact Prof. Dr. Iliana Baums (, +49(471-48312536)) for further information.

This is a full-time position, limited to 1 year. It is also suitable for part-time employment. The salary will be paid in accordance with the Collective Agreement for the Public Service of the Federation (Tarifvertrag des öffentlichen Dienstes, TVöD Bund), up to salary level 9a. The technician will at first be based primarily in Bremen at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology where the Marine Conservation group has temporary lab space. As soon as the HIFMB building is finished, the technician will be based primarily in Oldenburg.

The AWI is characterised by

  • our scientific success - excellent research
  • collaboration and cooperation - intra-institute, national and international, interdisciplinary
  • opportunities to develop - on the job and towards other positions
  • an international environment - everyday contacts with people from all over the world
  • Health promotion and company fitness with qualitrain
  • support services and a culture of reconciling work and family
  • Occupational pension provision (VBL)
  • Jobticket

Applicants with disabilities will be given preference when equal qualifications are present.

The AWI fosters the compatibility of work and family in various ways and has received a number of awards as a result of this engagement.

We look forward to your application!

Please submit your application by April 9th 2023, exclusively online.

Reference number: 23/75/G/bio-b

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