Scientific/Project Engineer - ocean currents expert - M/F

Permanent position - Ramonville Saint-Agne/France - 25 May 2022

About CLS

At CLS, the "Ocean and Climate" division conducts research studies, develops products and operates services in the field of physical oceanography and climate on behalf of French institutions (CNES, IFREMER, Mercator Ocean…) and Europeans institutions (COPERNICUS, ESA, EUMETSAT…). The areas of expertise cover the analysis, calibration and mapping techniques necessary for the transformation of raw in situ observations (drifters, temperature and salinity profiles, etc.) and spatial observations into value added products. It includes a strong component in satellite altimetry developed for more than 20 years around the DUACS system (Data Unification and Altimeter Combination System), a CNES / CLS processing system, which generates products of altimetric sea level and geostrophic surface current ( ). At the same time, it also includes a strong component in the processing of drifter data (in-depth knowledge of this type of data, extraction of the different components of the surface current, etc.). Another area of expertise covers multi-observation products whether for surface currents such as those available as part of the Copernicus Marine Service ( ) or for the mean dynamic topography of the ocean as part of the AVISO data center and services ( ).

In a dynamic European context (Copernicus Marine Service, ESA, EUMETSAT), in the context of future innovative satellite missions (SWOT, Harmony, SEASTAR, WaCM/ODYSEA) and the development of new altimetric/in-situ data fusion algorithms, the Ocean and Climate division is looking for an expert on ocean currents.

The main mission of the position is to research, set up and carry out studies and developments related to the maintenance, improvement and enhancement of drifter database and multi-observation products (with a particular focus on ocean currents).

About the job

As part of your duties, you will be involved in the following activities:

  • Actively contribute to the development of research activities on products and services in oceanography (with a clear focus on ocean currents), by mixing in-situ data (and in particular drifters), altimetry (traditional and wide swath) and digital models.
  • Be a referent for the "ocean currents" thematic in the division
  • Ensure the technical tasks in development and innovation related to this thematic
  • Participate in major scientific and technical events: meetings and conferences on dedicated thematic
  • Promote the results of studies through scientific publications and oral presentations at project meetings or conferences

About the requested candidate

Higher education at PhD or engineering-school level with 2 or 3 years of experience in the field.

In-depth knowledge in oceanography (ocean circulation, mesoscale, high frequency signals, in situ devices, etc.) as well as in data processing and data analysis (applied mathematics, signal processing, statistical analysis, Deep Learning) are strongly expected.

You have participated in international projects (consortium, responses to calls for tenders, project management, etc.) with European institutions such as Copernicus, ESA, EUMETSAT.

You will be required to monitor and keep abreast of technological, technical and cultural developments in your field of work

You will have good oral and written communication skills and be able to lead, manage, write and present in the scientific field.

The mastery of written and oral English is essential for the success of your mission.

We want to integrate enthusiastic, passionate and curious employees into our teams.

Open-mindedness, interpersonal skills, flexibility, autonomy and analytical skills are expected.

Finally, if team spirit is essential to you, if innovation is your expectation, and if your motivation is faultless, then don't hesitate to join us!

How to postulate?

Postulate directly at (the web page is in French, but you can postulate in English of course)

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