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Follow the simple step by step guide below to publish your ad on the Earthworks web pages

Stats: 90,000 site users per month generating more than 330,000 job page views per month - Q4 2023 Monthly Average. Since we started recording stats we have received in excess of 27.4 million site visitors!
Twitter: Each job is also tweeted out to more than 10,600 high calibre, relevant followers on Twitter.
Facebook: Each job is also sent out to more than 7,000 high calibre, relevant followers on Facebook.
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  1. E-mail your advertisement text to us at . We prefer copy either cut and pasted into the text of your e-mail or attached in common word processor format. Small graphics/company logos should be attached in .gif or .jpeg format. Ads are normally published within 3 hours of electronic receipt. We can accept feed from Broadbean etc if required

  2. If you wish to keep your e-mail address confidential in order to minimise junk mail, spam and malicious code attack, we are happy to provide an e-mail address and automatically forward all responses to you free of charge. i.e. your e-mail address is not published on the internet but you can still receive applications via e-mail!

  3. If you require a quote prior to publication please let us know and we will e-mail you a low cost quote for the publication of your ad. We publish ads from customers in over sixty different countries across many different industry, government, educational & non-profit sectors and therefore do not have a single, simple rate card.

  4. You can also request a quote by calling Alison or Rachel on Phone: +44 (0) 1223 900342.

  5. E-mail your confirmation to . Ads are normally published within 3 hours of electronic receipt/confirmation. We do not require a purchase order.

  6. We always acknowledge receipt of ad postings. If you do not receive a confirmation that your email has been received, or if you have a problem with sending an email to us, then please try our alternative contact account

  7. For billing we always send out an invoice by e-mail. Payment can be made in one of three ways:
    • check sent to our mailing address (details will be on the invoice).
    • wire/electronic transfer (account details will be on the invoice).
    • or pay by credit card using our simple secure multi-currency online payment system. Pre-payment is not required and so it is best to wait until an invoice has been received before initiating payment by credit card (online payment system access details will be sent with the invoice). - Click here to access our online credit card payment system.

Please note that Ltd shall have no liability for payments made by the client or any associated third party.

We will never change payment terms or bank account details without notice. If you have any concerns please contact us directly via the details on our website, prior to payment.

Please be aware that once your advertisement is published it can be easily copied and circulated via headhunters, recruiters etc who may contact you and request fees for placements etc. We would recommend that you send such requests to the Recycle Bin. Similarly, publication of your e-mail address may result in an increase in junk mail. Standard practice is to send a note to the webmaster of the ISP whose mail service is being used requesting an exclusion.

A condition of the use of this service is that EARTHWORKS bears no responsibilty or liability for misuse of recruitment advertisements, Resumes, or e-mail addresses published on the EARTHWORKS web pages at Terms and conditions for the use of this site are that Earthworks are indemnified from any financial loss arising through third party abuse of any of our services or payment systems
We can be contacted by snail mail to Earthworks, 70 Holbrook Road, Cambridge CB1 7ST, UK

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