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A recent Sedimentary, Reservoir and Environmental MSc post-graduate from University of Geneva and Lausanne, Switerland (2019). French based in the French Alps. Experience of one year in oil and gas industry at the scientific and technical center of TOTAL based in Pau (FR). Specialized in biostratigraphy with foraminifera, multivariate statistics analysis, sedimentary laboratory techniques, mud logging and more generally in sedimentary/reservoir geology; and looking for opportunities in these domains. Fluent in English and French. Intermediate in Spanish and basics in Russian.
Contact: Adrien Montillier at
posted 03 March 2021
An experimental particle physicist with over 15 years of practice in data science and computing. Looking to change careers in the direction of applications to help in the fight against climate change.
Fields of interest : Renewable energy, energy management, smart grids, data science,machine learning.
Based in : Vermont, USA - Available in : Physically in region of Northeastern USA. Virtual work worldwide. Willing to travel.
Contact : Samuel Meehan at and at
posted 02 February 2021
Hydraulic and Coastal Modeller with strong analytical and communication skills. Based in Madrid, Spain and interested in remote working jobs worldwide. Practical experience in the validation, understanding and use of numerical and predictive models leveraging on ten years of consultancy experience. Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian. Intermediate level of French. Specializations: Coastal Modelling, Maritime Engineering, Hydraulics, Numerical Modelling, CFD modelling, Metocean Data Analysis, Forecasting and Predictive Modelling, Programming.
Contact: Giovanni Frigau -
posted 12th January 2021
Expert and motivated GIS practitioner located in Venezuela with a bachelor's degree in agronomy and a postgraduate diploma in Geomatics, I have more than 10 years of experience in processing, analyzing, and visualizing geospatial data. Skillful in spatial analysis using ArcGIS and QGIS, image analysis using ENVI and Google Earth Engine, spatial data management Geographical Data Science, and web development using CMS (Content Management System) and command-based interface. Interested in opportunities worldwide.
Abraham Coiman
posted 15th December 2020
A driven geoscientist based in Botswana, with 2 years of experience as a teaching assistant in various geological courses (regional geology of southern Africa, structural geology, petrography and engineering geology), M.Sc. thesis recently submitted focusing on metamorphic processes that operated in the Kaapvaal lithosphere, and in a broader sense the origin of diamondiferous mantle roots underneath cratons. Looking for an academic or industrial opportunity worldwide aligned with the fields of my interest: mantle petrology and geochemistry; early Earth processes; THERMOCALC modelling.
Contact Jarious Kaekane at
posted 6th October 2020
An experienced hydrologist based in the United Kingdom, with over 10 years of experience in various aspect of water engineering. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity in the areas of design of water infrastructure, flood modelling, flood mitigation, design of drainage, hydrological/hydraulic modelling and remote sensing/GIS.
Contact Lawal Tunji at
posted 2 October 2020
Structural Geology PhD student at Iowa State University studying off-fault deformation using physical models. 2017 BA in Geology and Studio Art from Carleton College followed by 2018 Watson Fellowship researching art/geology intersections around the world. Skills include physical modeling, particle tracking, Agisoft/Cloudcompare, photography, science communication, teaching (Intro, Paleobiology, Structural Geology), fieldwork, GIS, MATLAB. Interested in opportunities worldwide.
Emily Ross
posted 8 September 2020
A Professional Geoscientist based in Ireland, with 10 years of experience in mineral exploration (Au, Ni, Cu, diamond; Europe, Australia, Africa), PhD recently submitted in orogenic gold systems research at the deposit, target and regional scale. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Exploration geology and geochemistry, ore genesis; data integration, modelling and visualisation; science communications.
Contact James Stratford at,
posted 24th July 2020
A Geologist with PhD in Sedimentology based in Russia, with over 15 years of experience in various aspects of Sedimentology and Petroleum Geology. Looking for a challenging and interesting post-doc position world-wide. Fields of interest: Sedimentology. Petroleum geology. 3D geological and reservoir property modeling using Petrel.
Contact I. Yousef at (
posted 10th July 2020
A focused researcher based in Vancouver, Canada, with over 06 years of experience in the field of climate change, data collection, documentation, and interpretation. Strong ability to perform complex web searches to help obtain necessary information.
Email: ResearchGate profile:
posted 8th July 2020
GIS professional with MSc, specialized in Earth Observation (Landsat/Sentinel imagery), Urban heat island research, NDVI, cartography, climate studies. Experience in systems and database administration, programming and various GIS suites such as SAGA, QGIS, ArcGIS. Searching for PhD fellowship or interesting public sector opportunity. Based in Barcelona.
Contact L Sigler, at, web profile:
posted 29th June 2020
I am a full stack Data Scientist with over 10 years of experience working in academic (meteorology and climatology) as well industry fields (risk management, forecasting and development). I have full stack experience in data collection, aggregation, analysis, visualization, productionization, and monitoring of Data Science products. I can do small data modeling work with R and Python, and big data modeling work with Hadoop and Spark. Experienced in search and manipulate data from SQL databases and deploy Data Science solutions in Java, Python or C. Looking for remote opportunities on Data Science and Machine Learning projects. Currently located in São Paulo - Brazil.
Contact Jesselima: posted 29th June 2020
I am a Exploration Geophysicist based in Cape Town South Africa with 10 years of experience in oil and gas prospecting. Experience encompasses: 2D + 3D seismic interpretation, AVO analysis, Fault Analysis and Structural Modelling, Seismic to Well-Ties and New Venture Basin Analysis. I am looking for opportunities worldwide in petroleum geophysics/geology.
Contact Menzi Hadebe: posted 9th June 2020
A professional statistician/data scientist who has delivered and lead analytic teams in actionable analyses presented in a clear and concise manner. I am seeking to contribute my skills in predictive and spatial modeling fully toward environmental and conservation research after working in a variety of domains, including environmental research efforts. I am experienced with SAS, SPSS, Tableau, R, and ArcGIS.
Contact Neil Hurwitz at posted 22nd May 2020
A newly graduated student with a BSc in Applied Math and Geology. Extensive experience in Matlab programming, modelling and simulation programming experience in Java, and Python. Actively looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity anywhere in the world and in any position relating either Geology, programming or both.
Contact Rami Abou-Shamalah at posted 13th May 2020
A mining engineer based in Iran, with a Ph.D. in Mineral Exploration from Tehran Polytechnic University and more than ten years of background in coal mining, and professional in geoscientific programming. Looking for a postdoc or research position in the field of Geoscience and Geo- programming worldwide, ready to relocate. Fields of interest: Geoscience, Mineral Exploration, Geostatistical modeling, Geo-software development, and related disciplines.
Contact Amir Yusefi at, website posted 12th May 2020
A petroleum engineering postgraduate based in England with a degree in physics looking for opportunities in the job market or research around the world. Fields of interest include reservoir engineering, petrophysics, production engineering, hydrogen economy, or any other fields where I can apply my skills. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills developed from my academic studies and work experience as a data migration analyst and banking advisor.
For any opportunities, contact Winnie Margaret at posted 5th May 2020
A professional seismologist based in Victoria British Columbia, graduating with a PhD from the University of Victoria in May. Looking for an interesting post-doctoral research opportunity worldwide. Experience is with earthquake analysis in subduction settings, including tomography and double-difference relocation. Adept at programming in Python with experience in MATLAB, FORTRAN, and Perl. Skilled with the Antelope software suite.
Contact Jesse Hutchinson at posted 1st May 2020