Geography & Geomorphology Resumes

A rural & survey engineer specializing (MSc.) in geoinformation and remote sensing based in Berlin. My academic background led me to my involvement in natural hazards, GIS, and artificial intelligence. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity within Europe or remotely worldwide. Fields of interest: geoinformation/remote sensing, climate change, extreme events, catastrophe, permafrost areas, sustainability, data science.
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As an engineer with a diverse range of expertise spanning geoinformation, remote sensing, natural hazards, data science, and scientific research, I possess a broad perspective on various disciplines. My solid background in mathematics and statistics has enabled me to adeptly assimilate knowledge in other scientific fields. Adept in processing, analyzing, and visualizing data. Proven ability to establish and maintain excellent communication and relationships with my colleagues and supervisors.
posted 17th March 2023

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