Oil & Gas Upstream Geology & Geophysics Resumes

A professional postdoctoral geoscientist based in Qingdao, China, with over 6 years of expertise in marine geophysical and geodynamic processes, as well as structure and tectonics for tectonic-sedimentary and paleogeographic evolution modeling. Fields of interest include basin analysis, tectonics, geophysics, and geodynamic processes. Seeking challenging opportunities worldwide.
Contact Dr. Wajid at bukhari@ouc.edu.cn
posted 5th December 2023
Pragmatic Geoscientist based in Yorks., U.K., 11 years’ serving the energy sector. Geoscientific and spatial data collection (mapping, field measurement & surveying), collation (data engineering inc. public domain & legacy data) and appraisal (analysis, interpretation, data science). Structural Geology | Project Management | Fracture Characterisation | Exploration | Earthquake Geology | Fieldwork | Desk Studies | Business Development | Technical Writing | Strong interpersonal skills | PhD Structural Geology, BSc Geology. Seeking industrial opportunities overseas. British & EU Citizen.
Contact Max Wilkinson mwwgeo@gmail.com
posted 25 October 2023
An Energy Geoscientist based in Saudi Arabia, with MS and BS degrees in Geology, Geophysics, and Energy Engineering. Seeking a challenging opportunity in an innovative environment worldwide. Fields of interest: energy geoscience, geomorphology, and mining engineering.
Contact Abdulrahman Alsalhi at aal9alhi@gmail.com, web: www.linkedin.com/in/aalsalhi
posted 16 August 2023
A passionate geoscientist based in Accra, Ghana with appreciable working experience in mining and exploration geology. I have good research expertise in seismic velocity analysis of the subsurface using Petrel. I hold Master of Science degree in Petroleum Geoscience and Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Engineering. Looking for a challenging and rewarding opportunity worldwide to grow my career and the company's. Fields of interest: Mining and mineral exploration. Oil & Gas. Petroleum Geoscience. Geoscience research.
Contact: Ebenezer Sanny at ebensanny@yahoo.com; Web: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eben-k-sanny-258044155
posted 2 May 2023
A passionate geoscientist with appreciable working experience in the mining industry and good researcher in seismic velocity analysis of the subsurface. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Mining and mineral exploration. Oil and Gas. Geoscience research. Contact at / LinkedIn:
Contact Eben Sanny at ebensanny@yahoo.com LinkedIn: Eben K. Sanny
posted 27 April 2023
A professional geoscientist based in Dublin, Ireland, with experience in ornamental rocks, geoprocessing, land analysis and renew energy. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Petroleum geoscience. Geoprocessing. Ornamental rocks mining. Renew energy
Contact Marcus Paiva at marcuspaiv@hotmail.com
posted 1st March 2023
Explorartion geologist with +3 years experience exploring for Lithium pegmatites in Ireland and Canada, and lesser extent Irish-type Pb-Zn deposits. Highlights include supervision of 1800m DDH program, geological and geotechnical logging, and design and implementation of various geochemical and LiBS surveys. Practical, hard-working, and reliable, with a passsion for travel and fieldwork. Searching for geologist roles. Worldwide relocation or commuting as needed. Contact: fegan.thomas@gmail.com or https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomasfegan/
posted 6th February 2023

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