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An Energy Geoscientist based in Saudi Arabia, with MS and BS degrees in Geology, Geophysics, and Energy Engineering. Seeking a challenging opportunity in an innovative environment worldwide. Fields of interest: energy geoscience, geomorphology, and mining engineering.
Contact Abdulrahman Alsalhi at, web:
posted 16 August 2023
A post graduate in Applied Geology, based in Kerala, India. Looking for a Ph.D. position/ Research position worldwide. Fields of interest: Hydrogeology, Hydrogeochemistry, Engineering Geology, Geophysics and Petroleum Geology.
posted 7 August 2023
GIS & Remote Sensing Expert
I am a highly skilled GIS and Remote Sensing Expert with a PhD in Natural Sciences, specializing in Mineralogy-Spectroscopy. With extensive academic and practical experience, I excel in hyperspectral image analysis, data integration, site selection, and geospatial data analysis. Experienced in leading research projects, mentoring students, and collaborating with cross-functional teams. Proficient in ArcGIS, ENVI, and other GIS software. Passionate about continuous learning and exploring innovative methodologies for meaningful insights.
References available upon request
Bahram Bahrambeygi. Location: Sheffield, UK | Available Worldwide. Email:
posted 1 August 2023
A graduate in Applied Geology and Mineral Exploration based in Kerala, India. Looking for a Ph.D. position/ Research position worldwide. Fields of interest: Sedimentology, Paleoclimate studies, Exploration and mining, Hydrogeology, Ore deposits and associated minerals.
Contact PUSHKALA K D at,
posted 13th June 2023
A passionate geoscientist based in Accra, Ghana with appreciable working experience in mining and exploration geology. I have good research expertise in seismic velocity analysis of the subsurface using Petrel. I hold Master of Science degree in Petroleum Geoscience and Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Engineering. Looking for a challenging and rewarding opportunity worldwide to grow my career and the company's. Fields of interest: Mining and mineral exploration. Oil & Gas. Petroleum Geoscience. Geoscience research.
Contact: Ebenezer Sanny at; Web:
posted 2 May 2023
A passionate geoscientist with appreciable working experience in the mining industry and good researcher in seismic velocity analysis of the subsurface. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Mining and mineral exploration. Oil and Gas. Geoscience research. Contact at / LinkedIn:
Contact Eben Sanny at LinkedIn: Eben K. Sanny
posted 27 April 2023
Ambitious Geological and Environmental Hazards graduate (Sept. 2022) from University of Portsmouth, exploring stimulating global opportunities. Skilled in Geology, Flood Risk Mitigation, GIS, and Geotechnical Engineering, currently based in Edinburgh
Contact Aneesa Lal: Email: LinkedIn:
posted 31st March 2023
A highly qualified geologist with a PhD in Marine Resources and Environment from Ocean College, Zhejiang University, China. Also holds an M.Phil and a Master's degree in Geology from the University of Peshawar, Pakistan. Looking forward to a challenging opportunity. Field of interest: Geology/Geochemistry. Currently living in the Netherlands.
posted 14th March 2023
A Geological Engineer based in Germany, with a master's degree in Marine Geosciences is looking for challenging and interesting opportunities world-wide. Skills: Sample (rock, water, sediment) Collection, Preparation and Geochemical Analysis; Marine Data (seismic, bathymetry, sea floor morphology) Interpretation; ArcMap; Kingdom Suite; SNAP; ODV; MS Office; ICP-MS; XRF. Fields of interest: Geochemistry, Coastal Geology, Climate Sciences, Geophysics, Marine Geosciences, Geological Engineering, Polar Studies.
Contact:, Twitter: @mercy_thompson_
posted 1st March 2023
A professional geoscientist based in Dublin, Ireland, with experience in ornamental rocks, geoprocessing, land analysis and renew energy. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Petroleum geoscience. Geoprocessing. Ornamental rocks mining. Renew energy
Contact Marcus Paiva at
posted 1st March 2023
I am a Silver Medalist Graduate Geologist based in Oman, with strong interest in structural geology, geological mapping, and 3D modelling of subsurface geology. I have been working on the construction of the 2nd biggest dam in Oman as a Grouting Engineer and Geologist. Currently, I am looking for a new challenging opportunity (Educational / Professional) that comes with a lot of learning. I am open to research positions as well (Master Level). Contact:
posted 26th January 2023
A Ph.D in Jilin University, with over 5 years of experience in various aspects of geoscience, such as petrology, tectonics, geodynamics and petroleum geology. Looking for a challenging and interesting postdoc opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: petrology, mantle-crust interaction, geochemistry, geodynamics, reservoirs prediction, unconventional resources
Contact Changyang Liu at, web
posted 3rd January 2023
Experienced (>10 years) geoscientist specializing in analytical geochemistry (isotope ratio mass spectrometry, Raman spectroscopy, microscopy and fluid inclusion microthermometry) seeking career in analytical laboratory focusing on earth, ocean, or biological sciences. Previous work experience in academic, government, and industrial research environments within Canada and internationally (New Zealand and Brazil). Currently located in Calgary, AB Canada; however, interested in exciting opportunities globally. Contact Andrew Kingston, PhD at
posted 29th November 2022
A PhD in geology based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, willing to relocate. Experience in both experimental geochemistry and quantum computation. Research background in isotope geochemistry, lunar sample geochemistry, multicomponent diffusion, vibrational properties of minerals, and chemical reactions modeling. Passionate about data. Can code. Problem solver and fast learner. Looking for geologist/researcher/data analyst/data scientist positions.
Contact: Sha Chen at Web
posted 8th September 2022
A recent PhD graduate in petroleum geoscience (shale gas) based in Dhanbad, India with a dozen publications in leading SCI journals on the Permian shale gas storage and generation potential (shale geochemistry and petrophysics), studied from several Gondwana basins of India. Looking for Postdoctoral opportunities / Research Assistant / Lecturer, Assistant Professor in subjects viz; Shale / Coal geochemistry, Unconventional hydrocarbon potential formations, Shale gas, Gas-hydrates, Nano-pore characterisation for hydrocarbon recovery, CO2 storage in shale/coal reservoirs and enhanced recovery, etc on a world-wide scale. Fields of interest: Source rock characterization, Shale gas, Hydrocarbon, Kerogen-kinetics, Kerogen chemistry and structure, Petroleum geology, Palynology and Palynofacies, Coal petrology, Coal structures, Petrophysics, Shale pore characterization, High pressure and low pressure gas adsorption of shale/coal, BET Surface area, CO2 storage and enhanced production, Rock-mechanics
posted 1st September 2022

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