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After completing PhD (Geology) in 2019 & postdoc in 2022, currently working as an Exploration Geologist in an oil industry related company (Gujarat, India). Experiences include geological fieldwork, mapping, teaching & evaluation, supervising MSc dissertations, seismic interpretation. Research topics: Structural Geology, Geodynamics, Planetary geosciences. Software skills: Petrel, MATLAB, ArcGIS, Comsol Multiphysics, graphic designing. Looking for research/ teaching/ industry job opportunities WORLDWIDE, especially in the UK.
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posted 28th May 2024
A passionate Msc candidate based in Seoul, Korea looking for a PhD position worldwide. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences with a Summa Sum Laude. I am currently studying granitoid petrogenesis and the tectonic evolution of East Asia during the Early Cretaceous. I genuinely love Geology and Igneous Petrology! Fields of interest: Experimental Petrology, Thermodynamic modeling, Mineral Thermobarometry, Igneous Petrology, Geochronology
Contact Jiin Sophia Lee at web:
posted 26th March 2024
A PhD graduate from the UK, with expertise in palaeogeochemistry/palaeoenvironmental science. Looking for a postdoctoral research opportunity, ideally based in the UK. Fields of interest: Mass extinctions. Palaeoenvironments. Palynology. Inorganic geochemistry. Organic geochemistry. Isotopic geochemistry.
Contact Connor O'Keeffe at
posted 23rd February 2024
Engaged Geologist with 7 years of diverse expertise in exploration. Specialized in Field Geology, Petrography, and Coal Petrography. Demonstrated ability in project management for Lithium Exploration in Leh-Ladakh. Proficient in geological assessments, lithological studies, and data analysis. Experienced in project proposals, safety procedures, and exploration reports. Seeking new challenges in geology with a focus on programming and Artificial Intelligence.
Contact Yashu Joshi, Email:, LinkedIn:
posted 6th February 2024
Passionate geologist holding a Master's in geology, actively pursuing exciting global opportunities. Adept in hydrogeochemistry, aquifer mapping, and geospatial analysis using Arc-GIS and Q-GIS. Published in renowned journals, showcasing expertise in earth sciences. Eager to contribute passion and expertise to transformative projects worldwide.
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posted 31 January 2024
An Energy Geoscientist based in Saudi Arabia, with MS and BS degrees in Geology, Geophysics, and Energy Engineering. Seeking a challenging opportunity in an innovative environment worldwide. Fields of interest: energy geoscience, geomorphology, and mining engineering.
Contact Abdulrahman Alsalhi at, web:
posted 16 August 2023
A post graduate in Applied Geology, based in Kerala, India. Looking for a Ph.D. position/ Research position worldwide. Fields of interest: Hydrogeology, Hydrogeochemistry, Engineering Geology, Geophysics and Petroleum Geology.
posted 7 August 2023
GIS & Remote Sensing Expert
I am a highly skilled GIS and Remote Sensing Expert with a PhD in Natural Sciences, specializing in Mineralogy-Spectroscopy. With extensive academic and practical experience, I excel in hyperspectral image analysis, data integration, site selection, and geospatial data analysis. Experienced in leading research projects, mentoring students, and collaborating with cross-functional teams. Proficient in ArcGIS, ENVI, and other GIS software. Passionate about continuous learning and exploring innovative methodologies for meaningful insights.
References available upon request
Bahram Bahrambeygi. Location: Sheffield, UK | Available Worldwide. Email:
posted 1 August 2023
A graduate in Applied Geology and Mineral Exploration based in Kerala, India. Looking for a Ph.D. position/ Research position worldwide. Fields of interest: Sedimentology, Paleoclimate studies, Exploration and mining, Hydrogeology, Ore deposits and associated minerals.
Contact PUSHKALA K D at,
posted 13th June 2023

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