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A recent Sedimentary, Reservoir and Environmental MSc post-graduate from University of Geneva and Lausanne, Switerland (2019). French based in the French Alps. Experience of one year in oil and gas industry at the scientific and technical center of TOTAL based in Pau (FR). Specialized in biostratigraphy with foraminifera, multivariate statistics analysis, sedimentary laboratory techniques, mud logging and more generally in sedimentary/reservoir geology; and looking for opportunities in these domains. Fluent in English and French. Intermediate in Spanish and basics in Russian.
Contact: Adrien Montillier at adrien.montillier@gmail.com
Or www.linkedin.com/in/adrien-montillier-28b76515b/
posted 03 March 2021
A professional petroleum geologist based in Houston, Texas with over 25 years of experience in development, production, reservoir geology, and core and log petrophysics in the Permian Basin, Mid-Con, Williston Basin, and Rocky Mts. Looking for an opportunity to work U.S. onshore conventional oil and gas fields. Areas of interest: development, production, reservoir characterization, petrophysics.
Contact Ed Bucher at ebucher@comcast.net
posted 4th January 2021
A renowned geologist working on different research projects funded by Ministries, Govt. agencies, PSU and private operators of unconventional reservoirs with experience of 5 yrs. Field of Interest: Coalbed Methane (CBM) reservoir evaluation and characterization, In-situ gas content determination - Shale Gas Potentiality, Shale/Coal Analysis, Shale/Coal Adsorption and Desorption Studies, Gas Chromatography for Composition, Shale/coal Mineralogy/Petrography, Shale/Coal pore size and surface area, spectroscopy like XRD, FTIR, XRF, SEM-EDX studies.
Contact Mollika Bannerjee at mollikabanerjee.01@gmail.com. posted 4th June 2020
A petroleum engineering postgraduate based in England with a degree in physics looking for opportunities in the job market or research around the world. Fields of interest include reservoir engineering, petrophysics, production engineering, hydrogen economy, or any other fields where I can apply my skills. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills developed from my academic studies and work experience as a data migration analyst and banking advisor.
For any opportunities, contact Winnie Margaret at winnimargaret@yahoo.fr. posted 5th May 2020