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Passionate geologist holding a Master's in geology, actively pursuing exciting global opportunities. Adept in hydrogeochemistry, aquifer mapping, and geospatial analysis using Arc-GIS and Q-GIS. Published in renowned journals, showcasing expertise in earth sciences. Eager to contribute passion and expertise to transformative projects worldwide.
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posted 31 January 2024
Skilled Senior Water Resource Engineer with over 25-yrs industry/academic experience in teaching, research, consultancy and supervising Civil Engineering projects mainly GIS-based Hydrology and Hydraulic modeling, Water supply systems, Geospatial data modeling, satellite image processing and teaching relevant courses in Iran and Malaysia. I have conducted more than 50 national and 9 international workshops on application of GIS/RS in variety of civil and environmental applications. Over 40 research papers with google scholar h-index=9 indicate a satisfactory performance as well as high level of motivation in research, collaboration and teamworking. Moreover, I have secured several research grant and completed many consultancy projects related to flood modeling and natural hazards assessment. Also, I am a Registered Civil Engineer recognized by the Iran Construction Engineering Organization (IRCEO) with working license (Grad-1 for Supervision and Grad-2 for Construction management), Mashhad/Iran. I would describe myself as a resilient person who continuously increases professional skills and competencies to ease difficulties and overcome limitations.
Also available for remote consultation in the field of Water Resources Engineering.
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posted 29th August 2023
A professional Remotesensing and GIS expert recently submitted PHD thesis Titled "Integrating optical and SAR based satellite remotesensing for landslide susceptibility and instability analysis" at Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT mandi) , India , with over 9 years of teaching experience as Assistant professor at Geomatics engineering department , Paschimanchal Campus , Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Pokhara, Nepal. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Remotesensing and GIS techniques for hazard assessment.
Contact Niraj K.C. at niraj, Google scholar link:
posted 11th August 2023
GIS & Remote Sensing Expert
I am a highly skilled GIS and Remote Sensing Expert with a PhD in Natural Sciences, specializing in Mineralogy-Spectroscopy. With extensive academic and practical experience, I excel in hyperspectral image analysis, data integration, site selection, and geospatial data analysis. Experienced in leading research projects, mentoring students, and collaborating with cross-functional teams. Proficient in ArcGIS, ENVI, and other GIS software. Passionate about continuous learning and exploring innovative methodologies for meaningful insights.
References available upon request
Bahram Bahrambeygi. Location: Sheffield, UK | Available Worldwide. Email:
posted 1 August 2023
Geologist based in Dakar/Nairobi with a strong track record in planning and managing geotechnical investigations, assessments, and site operations. Proficient in geophysical data analysis, mapping, and interpretation. Skilled in MS Suite, QGIS, and Geosoft Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity worldwide Fields of interest: General Geotechnical Engineering, Geophysics, Remote sensing and GIS, Environmental geology and Hydrogeology.
Contact: Sharon Jepkirui at;
posted 8 June 2023
Ambitious Geological and Environmental Hazards graduate (Sept. 2022) from University of Portsmouth, exploring stimulating global opportunities. Skilled in Geology, Flood Risk Mitigation, GIS, and Geotechnical Engineering, currently based in Edinburgh
Contact Aneesa Lal: Email: LinkedIn:
posted 31st March 2023
Very recently (January 2023) completed PhD degree holder with an excellent researcher award from reputed Academia Sinica & National Central University of Taiwan seeking for a postdoctoral position in the field of Atmospheric Sciences with focus on topics like tropical cyclone, climate change and remote sensing. 6 SCI (5 first author and 1 sole author) international high impact factor (mostly 7.7) published papers and 3 media (2 times USA AGU Science news-EOS) reports published about my research, show the value of research.
Contact Dr. Ravi Shankar Pandey at
posted 24th March 2023
A rural & survey engineer specializing (MSc.) in geoinformation and remote sensing based in Berlin. My academic background led me to my involvement in natural hazards, GIS, and artificial intelligence. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity within Europe or remotely worldwide. Fields of interest: geoinformation/remote sensing, climate change, extreme events, catastrophe, permafrost areas, sustainability, data science.
Contact Nikolaos Kordalis at, web
As an engineer with a diverse range of expertise spanning geoinformation, remote sensing, natural hazards, data science, and scientific research, I possess a broad perspective on various disciplines. My solid background in mathematics and statistics has enabled me to adeptly assimilate knowledge in other scientific fields. Adept in processing, analyzing, and visualizing data. Proven ability to establish and maintain excellent communication and relationships with my colleagues and supervisors.
posted 17th March 2023

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