PhD position in Seismology

The Geophysics Section at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) invites applications for a 4 year PhD position in seismology and joint geophysical-petrological modelling. The position is part of the MOD3LTHERM project looking at comparisons between high and low enthalpy geothermal systems.

Application Deadline: 24th November 2023.

Description: Whilst high-enthalpy geothermal systems (e.g. Krafla, Iceland) are already contributing significantly to global decarbonisation, low-enthalpy regions (e.g. Ireland) still require significant risk reduction to understand the heat resource, before they can be fully exploited. The workflows for determining 'heat in place' in both scenarios are different in detail, but have some common characteristics.

The project aims to produce a new methodology that accounts for 3D lithological structure by developing existing methods for determining temperature. The new methodology will enable us to determine the subsurface geothermal potential more accurately in both high and low-enthalpy regions, which is essential for finding and establishing reliable, continuous, green energy resources.

The PhD candidate will build a new 3D temperature model for high-enthalpy volcanic systems in Iceland using a 3D modelling procedure. The new 3D joint geophysical-petrological-lithological modelling scheme is being developed from two separate codes, WINTERC and LitMod3D (Fullea et al., 2021 & 2009, Chambers et al. 2023). The 3D subsurface lithology map will feed into the joint geophysical-petrological inversion which relates geophysical parameters, including velocity and gravity, to a range of rock types, along with thermal property data and surface heat flow, in order to determine subsurface temperature and the geothermal gradient. The PhD researcher will then benchmark the thermal and geophysical models to existing Icelandic models, and compare to low-enthalpy models in Ireland which have been produced using the same methodology.

In addition, the PhD candidate will have the opportunity to collect data from a new seismic network in the north of Ireland. They will work closely with the IMPROVE EU ITN and early career researchers focussed on Krafla, including benefitting from workshops and training opportunities offered through the ITN.

The student will be supervised by Dr Emma Chambers and co-supervised by Prof. Chris Bean.

Duration: The PhD position is funded for 4 years.

Salary: €22,000 annual tax free stipend.

Start date: January 2024 or as soon as possible thereafter.

Qualifications: Applicants should hold a Masters in Geosciences, Geophysics, Physics or related field. They should have a background in Earth Sciences or Physics, with strong analytical and computing skills.

To apply: Please follow the link below and upload your CV and cover letter, including motivation for applying, research interests and experience. Please also include the names and contact of two academic references:

For further information please contact:

posted: 24 October 2023    Please mention EARTHWORKS when responding to this advertisement.