Research Scientist

About the role


The Research Scientist will oversee the design and implementation of a large-scale enhanced weathering deployment and will be responsible for the implementation of a carbon dioxide removal (CDR) monitoring programme. The Research Scientist will liaise with Silicate's science team to operationalise a best practice monitoring reporting and verification (MRV) protocol for enhanced weathering and CDR quantification, including field sampling, data collection and analysis. They will also manage a small team of technical staff to achieve these goals. The position will be based in our Dublin lab, and will require regular visits to local fields sites in southeast Ireland.

Research focus

Reliable measurement of CDR through terrestrial enhanced weathering requires robust in-field monitoring and follow-up laboratory protocols. For larger scale deployments, monitoring must also strive to be representative of the entire deployment area. This position will focus on the implementation of MRV best practices to monitor carbon removal through enhanced weathering across a spatially extensive deployment.


Key responsibilities

  • Select suitable field sites for enhanced weathering deployment
  • Design and implement a monitoring programme for carbon removal via terrestrial enhanced weathering (including soil and water sampling)
  • Liaise with stakeholders (farmers, quarries, and contractors) to operationalise an enhanced weathering deployment
  • Participate in and oversee field sampling, followed by laboratory measurement of soil and soil-water parameters including, but not restricted to, soil and water pH, total alkalinity, electrical conductivity, soil cation exchange capacity, lime requirement, leachable cations, soil and surface water cation and anion concentrations
  • Manage technical assistants
  • Develop protocols for the rapid assessment of strong acid risks
  • Interpret quantitative inorganic geochemical data for soils and soil-waters
  • Construct a preliminary model that utilises geochemical and other data to calculate CDR rates and quantities

Required qualifications and skills

  • PhD in relevant branch of the natural sciences (e.g., soil biogeochemistry, low-temperature geochemistry, soil science, hydrochemistry) with relevant experience
  • Understanding of soil parameters such as cation exchange capacity and lime requirement
  • Good understanding of enhanced or natural weathering processes
  • Experience in the design, setup and management of field trials
  • Excellent understanding of fertilisers and their impact on soils
  • Familiarity with typical farming practices including liming and fertilisation
  • Excellent geospatial and GIS skills
  • Expertise in R, Python or similar for model development
  • Adaptability and ability to work flexibly in a dynamic environment

While we are looking for someone with these skills, you do not need to have all of the listed qualifications to be a brilliant addition to our team. If you have not worked on this specific research topic, but feel that your expertise could help us to push the frontier on this breakthrough carbon dioxide removal research, please consider applying.


The annual salary range for this position is competitive and will depend on many factors including experience, education, and expertise. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package with generous employee equity options, health insurance and pension contributions.

Diversity and inclusion

We are looking for people from diverse backgrounds who can bring many unique skills, perspectives and mindsets to our company. With your help, we are trying to build a workplace where people feel respected, ideas are encouraged, and original thinking is the norm. Research suggests that qualified people from historically marginalised groups may self-select out of opportunities if they feel they do not meet 100% of the job requirements. We encourage individuals who believe they have the skills necessary to thrive in this role to apply. We especially welcome applications from female candidates.

About Silicate

Silicate is a terrestrial enhanced weathering company accelerating a natural geological process - the weathering of minerals - to durably sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide and amend soil pH in farmland. The company mills basic materials, applies them to farmland, and measures the carbon removal it enables, facilitating companies to achieve their net zero ambitions, and agribusinesses to reduce and remove greenhouse gas emissions in their value chain, while also helping farmers to increase productivity by optimising soil pH for crop growth. Silicate is part of the Breakthrough Energy Fellows programme, is an XPRIZE Carbon Removal Top 20 team, and is headquartered in Ireland with operations in Ireland and Illinois, US.

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