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Postdoc Researcher and PhD Positions in Advanced Water System Management

Tecnológico de Monterrey (https://tec.mx/en) is a private university in Mexico founded in 1943. It is ranked among the top 170 universities in the world in the QS World University Rankings® 2023. Tec offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs within six subject areas (built environment, engineering, creative studies, business, social sciences, and health). It is widely recognized as one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America (top 4 according to QS Latin America University Ranking©).


The sustainable supply of high-quality drinking water is a growing challenge in many places in the world, especially as climate change exacerbates the extremity of droughts. Most water systems have inefficiencies. By making full use of the available information and modeling techniques there is potential for large quantities of water and energy savings.

Hydraulic simulation models have been effectively leveraged in the water treatment, water distribution, and manufacturing sectors as a cost-effective and reliable methodology for predicting fluid behavior under most conditions. These models are capable of forecasting pressure, flow, velocity, and water quality for specified system design and operating conditions. In the water distribution sector such forecast tools are commonly used to simulate capital infrastructure improvement, maintenance schedule impacts, emergency flow conditions, and water delivery operations.

Our research group recently developed an advanced water system management framework that greatly extends the functionality of hydraulic models. The framework has been translated into a software application that functions as a digital twin of the water system. The software application has the capability of helping water agencies address any action, technical or behavioral, that improves the resiliency and operation of a water system.

We offer a postdoc researcher and several PhD positions in Advanced Water System Management.

Postdoc Researcher Position

For the postdoc researcher position, the information can be found at https://jobs.tec.mx//job-invite/156130/. We are looking for candidates who are available to start as soon as possible. For further information, please contact Dr. Jürgen Mahlknecht (jurgen@tec.mx), Chair in Water Science and Technology, Tecnologico de Monterrey, and Dr. Frank Loge (fjloge@ucdavis.edu, fjloge@tec.mx), Professor/Center Director at University of California, Davis, and Distinguished Visiting Professor at Tecnologico de Monterrey.

PhD Position

The software application was originally created to help water agencies understand how to shift their electric load (by modifying when pumps turn on and off and how water is stored in tanks) to take advantage of when renewable energy (e.g., wind and solar) is available on the energy grid. Successful applicants to this position will focus on expanding the suite of analyses available to water managers and researchers by developing: 1) novel leak detection procedures to allow water agencies to more efficiently locate and repair leaks; 2) methods of identifying and evaluating water conservation strategies; 3) economic frameworks for prioritizing competing alternatives for water demand management; 4) advanced pressure surge modeling algorithms capable of accurately predicting and describing the effects of single or multiple simultaneous pressure surges throughout the distribution network; and 5) methods for predicting pipe breaks to help prioritize preventive pipe replacement. Expansion of the existing analytical framework would allow water managers everywhere to operate their systems more efficiently and cost-effectively while improving the quality of life for consumers, especially underserved communities most at risk from restricted water supply due to extreme droughts exacerbated by climate change.

Your Qualifications (PhD Position)

  • University degree (MSc.) in Civil and Environmental Engineering or related field.
  • Strong attention to detail and writing, editing and proofreading skills in English to quickly and accurately produce complex technical and non-technical material for audiences of varying backgrounds.
  • Professional demeanor with interpersonal and communication skills to work effectively and diplomatically with university staff and external partners, and people from diverse ethnic, economic, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Ability to learn new technologies and develop new skills to meet research challenges and promote professional growth in a complex, fast-paced research and development environment.
  • Experience with building hydraulic models (e.g., EPANET); scientific programming and data analysis (e.g., R or Python); and general-purpose programing languages (e.g., C++ or Java). (e.g. proficiency with R, Julia, or Python).

What We Offer (PhD Position)

  • Strong mentorship to support professional growth in both technical and non-technical areas.
  • Diversity of learning opportunities and experiences fostered by an interdisciplinary team of international investigators.
  • Fundamental research with direct application potentially leading to near-term societal impacts.
  • Flexible work hours and conditions.
  • The position is located at Tecnológico de Monterrey on the Monterrey Mexico campus with the opportunity for extended visit(s) to the University of California, Davis.

Tuition/Scholarship (PhD Position)

Students of the PhD program are full-time students. Once the candidate meets the requirements and admission is granted, she/he is assigned a full-tuition scholarship provided by Tecnológico de Monterrey for all the academic credits of the program, renewable every semester provided that the student meets the requirements defined by the Department of Scholarships and Financial Aid. All PhD students have the possibility of obtaining financial support for covering living costs provided by CONACYT (National Science and Technology Commission); the financial support includes medical services. Additional funding is available for travel to the University of California, Davis.

PhD Program

The PhD program in Science and Engineering is multidisciplinary in scope, covering four areas of knowledge (biotechnology, mechatronics, industrial engineering, and environmental systems). More information can be obtained in: https://maestriasydiplomados.tec.mx/posgrados/doctorado-en-ciencias-de-ingenieria?locale=en

Starting Date (PhD Position): August 2023
Duration (PhD Position): 4 years
Application Deadline (PhD Position): March 1, 2023

Contact Person / How to Apply

For application details or further information, please contact co-advisors Dr. Jürgen Mahlknecht (jurgen@tec.mx), Chair in Water Science and Technology, Tecnologico de Monterrey, and Dr. Frank Loge (fjloge@ucdavis.edu, fjloge@tec.mx), Professor/Center Director at University of California, Davis, and Distinguished Visiting Professor at Tecnologico de Monterrey.

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