Water Resources in the Critical Zone: Tenure Track for a Full Professor Position in our laboratory of Geosciences, University of Rennes (France)

Offer Description

The position consists in a 4-year chair (tenure track) followed by a full professor position. The researcher recruited will orient his/her research around the general theme of water resources and the cycles of water and chemical elements in the critical zone to develop a project focused on the characterization and/or modelling of water and solute transfers in natural surface and underground environments affected by climate change and anthropic pressure. Candidates with research and teaching interests in all areas of water resources will be considered, including surface and groundwater hydrology, water quality and hydrochemistry, hydrogeophysics, water resources management, and/or hydro(geo)logical modeling. The ability to develop an interdisciplinary research at the intersection between various disciplines (biology, physics, chemistry, economy or social sciences) will be a positive attribute.

Financial support including equipment and personnel costs is associated with the Chair at the following levels:

  • 200 k€ (ANR co-funding)
  • 120 k€ (University of Rennes 1 co-funding, PhD)
  • 150 k€ (CNRS co-funding, PhD and other costs)

In addition to joining the dynamics of the institute's wide range of international projects (ERC, ITN, ANR, PIA Equipex), the candidate will have access to the instrumental, analytical, experimental and numerical resources developed at Géosciences Rennes and OSUR (Universe Sciences Observatory of Rennes). These include analogue and hydrological modelling laboratories, H2Olab and EROS numerical simulation platforms, a dissolved gas analysis laboratory, the GeOHeLiS geochemistry analytical platform, a Topobathymetric Lidar platform, Equipex CRITEX (https://www.critex.fr/) and TERRA FORMA (https://terra-forma.cnrs.fr/) equipment pools, as well as the H+ National Observations Service (https://hplus.ore.fr/). He/she will also benefit from the creation of new experimental facilities through the OSUR experimental hall currently in construction.


The successful candidate will need a university background that allows him/her to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in the field of water resources. He/she will need to invest in particular in the Bachelor of Earth and Environmental Sciences and in the Master of Water Sciences. The involvement of candidates in teaching and training will be expected from the initial stages of the appointment. The candidate may choose or be required to give presentations and/or teach in English. Skills in the use of online teaching resources are also expected. An awareness of training courses that allow students to enter the private sector will be appreciated.

Researcher Profiles

  • Established Researcher (R3)
  • Leading Researcher (R4)

Research field

Natural resources management, Water resources engineering, Surface and Subsurface Hydrology, Environmental science

Required Education Level

A Ph.D is required to apply for the position. A Ph.D. in, or closely related to, Water Resources and/or Critical Zone studies is highly desired but not mandatory.


Candidates must have an academic background to teach graduate and undergraduate courses in water resources. Applicants are expected to have experience in the supervision of PhD students and post-doctoral fellows. Successful candidates must demonstrate potential for developing a strong externally funded research program, be able to apply to major national and European calls to develop international research projects at the highest level (notably via ERC programs) and to develop strategic collaborations with researchers at the laboratory and university levels. Candidates will be encouraged to collaborate with the researchers of the different institutes of OSUR and develop their research in relation with the National Research Infrastructure OZCAR (https://www.ozcar-ri.org/).

For further information about the role and to apply online, go to https://www.galaxie.enseignementsup-recherche.gouv.fr/ensup/ListesPostesPublies/FIDIS/0350936C/FOPC_0350936C_4646.pdf

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